Stepok Image Lab.

Founded in 2003 by Chen Qi, Stepok Image Lab is dedicated to photography related image processing and providing high quality related products and solutions.

  • 2003 Company formed in China
  • 2003 Launch of Turbo Photo
  • 2005 Launch of Recomposit - the first product in the world to combine Chromakey Matting and Trimap Masking
  • 2012 Launch of Light Developer - a new platform combining Turbo Photo and Recomposit
  • 2013 Company relocated to New Zealand
Stepok Image Lab Technologies

Stepok Image Lab has over 10 years' experience and expertise in the industry, particularly in the area of:

  • Matting and masking; Developing new algorithms on high quality photo masking.
    Recomposit (link to Recomposit) is based algorithms such as these;
  • Image enlarging (link to Stepok Picture Enlarger) and resampling software;
    A new algorithm which was introduced in Picture Enlarger which assumes the camera pixel is a subsample average of high resolution and calculates out the high resolution image based on that assumption;
  • Screen video compression;
    Developing a new method is developed to separate the images from text in screen-shots and compressing it based on contents. We have another website about the products based on this technology.


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