Stepok Picture Enlarger 2.0

Enlarge photo faultless

The Stepok Picture Enlarger is a professional software that allows you to enlarge and resize images with ease. Based on  unique algorithms, it provides outstanding results comparing to traditional resize methods such "bi-cubic". The edges and details of the object are kept sharp and natural looking while introducing an innovation way to add "fake-texture" in high resolution space. As a result the resized image contains extra details in textured areas such as fur and hair. Stepok Picture Enlarger is a perfect image resizer for photo, web image, vector style graphics, scanned text and hand-draw image.

Our quality software operates on Windows XP/7/8/10, supports single or batch processing, all common image formats and RAW files. If you require a high quality image resizer - Stepok Picture Enlarger is the best choice. Batch processing and Photoshop plugin included.


Last version 2.0, upgraded algorithm to a new level.
Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10,  Max size to 20,000x20,000 on 64bits system, 10,000x10,000 on 32bits system
at least 4GB RAM, SSE2 support



All samples are compared to 'Bicubic' resizing. Move your mouse cursor to the picture and press down the left button to compare.

Sharp and clear edge, 300%
Sharp and clear edge, 300%
Optimized for web images with compression artifacts, (source type "web image") 300%
Optimized for web images with compression artifacts
Option 'Add fake texture' increases more details at low contrasty area,300%
Add fake texture
Works perfect for graphic/text/cartoon... (source type "graphic image" )400%
Enlarge graphics
Keep sharp and clear for 6X scale up!(+fake texture, +grain, up to 8x)
6x scale up


Stepok Picture Enlarger

$ 79


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